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For which OLLI term is the presentation proposed? Check One:

Rank your preference for day of week and duration of presentation: Notice that Monday and Tuesday are 45 minute presentations, Wednesday is a 90 minute presentation.

Audio-visual (AV) equipment needed (click all that apply):

Are you representing a business?

Are you a current OLLI member?

To complete this course proposal, you must agree to the following Guidelines


Instructor Guidelines

1.    May limit size of class
2.  May not select OLLI members who may register for class.
3.  May find her/his own coordinator.  If she/he opts not to do so, a coordinator will be assigned.
4.  May have course materials copied.  She/he should submit via electronic mail or in hard copy to the OLLI staff.  The staff (with volunteer assistance when available) will produce the copies.
5.  May meet with the OLLI staff and/or Curriculum Committee chair to discuss her/his course by appointment only.
6.  Should attend the Faculty/Coordinator Orientation for the term in which she/he will teach.
7.  Should be respectful of the AV assistant’s time and submit AV needs prior to the start of the course.
8.  Shall communicate with the hotel staff through the OLLI staff (Director, Coordinator or AV assistant).
9.  Instructors shall not receive compensation for teaching from OLLI.

General Guidelines

1.  OLLI at Auburn adheres to the mission, goals, and expected outcomes of Auburn University.
2.  Any person may submit a course proposal form.  Presenters are encouraged but not required to be OLLI members.
3.  Course topics include a broad range of subject matter.  They might include but are not limited to: History, Science, Religion, Current Events, Art, Music, Physical Activities and Exercise, Foreign Language, Information Technology. Partisan political topics are not acceptable.  Political topics may be presented if materials presented contain a fair and balanced approach and are not advocating one viewpoint.  Religious proselytizing is not acceptable.
4.  The committee accepts suggestions for courses from membership.
5.  The committee determines the acceptability of the course proposal form.
6.  The committee reports to the OLLI at Auburn Board of Directors.
7.  OLLI instructors agree not to advertise or sell any products or services from which he or she benefits financially to participants in his/her class. 

See the Auburn University Academic Policy




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